GroupGel was born from a passion for connecting people committed to making a difference in their communities. Various pieces of research indicate that about 45% of the U.S. population actively volunteers. An equally large number of people believe that it is important and would give more time if it were easier and relevant to their concerns.

Our group is active and involved in the community. We have struggled with the same needs to connect, gaps in communication, and difficulties with coordination that plague most groups. GroupGel was designed to simplify all of that, and the continuing development of the GroupGel product suite is informed by many great sources of group management expertise.

Make a destinations site for your team. We will update you on the evolutions of the GroupGel product suite and connect you to group management experts for the latest news, group management info, and insights from our team.

We hope to help your group realize its passions in simple and profound ways. Get gellin'.