Is your group always on the go? Do you often need to send timely alerts or make urgent changes that impact your team?

GroupGel Go! Puts the power of GroupGel group management in your hand, your office, your home, . . . wherever you are. With GroupGel Go! your organization can stay connected and mobile because

GroupGel Go! extends the GroupGel communication system to include phone calling and text messaging as part of the daily communications system.

Like GroupGel, GroupGel Go! manages member communication preferences and ensures message delivery. With GroupGel Go! we just extend the communications network to meet your members anywhere. Message translations that use text to speech and embedded wave files further simplify delivery so that every message you send will reach your group on any communications tools that they choose.

GroupGel Go! goes even a step further for your most active and high tech members with mobile applications that run on many of today’s most popular wireless devices.

To make it even simpler, GroupGel Go! pricing includes unlimited calling and text messaging for all of your communication needs. It is our way of helping you keep your group growing and moving. Get gellin’ and Go!