GroupGel meets all of the needs of active groups whose main communication method is email.

GroupGel incorporates ReadyReach broadcast messaging to voice and text numbers for emergency use, and is designed for groups whose daily activity can be managed with email and group message boards. For messaging beyond email see GroupGel Go!

GroupGel manages memberships, teaming, message distribution, surveys, invitations, time and talent commitments, event coordination, paperwork, and even payments with a permissions based system that empowers individual involvement without exposing your group to an open platform.

This web-based system is managed with professional integrity to go far beyond standard group messaging systems by enabling you to target communications, archive information, and simplify contact administration. GroupGel also has built in minor protections, calendaring, and enrollment functionality.

The hierarchical structure of GroupGel enables you to empower your membership in a way that is organized, responsive and considerate. And, the support does not stop there. GroupGel is designed to work with data from existing systems and includes customer care tools and resources to ensure that your group keeps gellin’.