Whether you are trying to unite volunteers all over the country, manage routine communications with busy professionals, keep parents informed and involved, or simply make sure that you are prepared for an emergency, GroupGel can help you bring your community together.

GroupGel is a group management system designed to increase member participation and simplify administration for your organization.

The heart of GroupGel is a unique web that connects members based on interests and involvements. This relevant teaming simplifies communications and volunteer recruitment by keeping members engaged and active. GroupGel even links family members in a way that ensures parental involvement in minor activities.

The teaming structure of GroupGel feeds into an automated communications system that takes group messaging to a different level. The system enables individual members to manage their own contact information and preferences while the group administration manages user access and message importance. The system itself ensures delivery of messages to the specified address and posts messages to group boards for easy reference.

The GroupGel communications system also makes distribution easier. Because the system manages member contact preferences and message retries, there is no need to send your message multiple times or to multiple addresses. GroupGel even manages message translation so that your text messages can be sent to voice addresses and voice messages can be sent to email. Simple.

Creating distribution lists that target communications is also simple. The GroupGel platform let’s you query the right list for any message or activity based on enrollment, preferences, or any other attribute your group might know about its members.

Relevant communications lead to higher involvement and GroupGel helps manage that too. Member relationships and interests are managed in a dynamic system that classifies input into usable buckets. You can use this system to mange surveys, invitations, even time and talent commitments. Intelligent sorting of responses establishes new teams, directs communications, and organizes events. You can even use the GroupGel system to gather paperwork and payments. GroupGel is your complete group management system.